House Rules

To make your stay at Fuuraibou as pleasant as possible, please follow our house rules. 



Check in is possible after 3 p.m. and no later than 9 p.m. (for arrivals after 7 p.m. it is mandatory to inform us in advance).


Check out is by 11 a.m.

Booked room is available until 7 p.m. After that, unless prior arrangements have been made, the room is considered vacant and will be passed on to the next guest. In the case of a late arrival, we will offer you a room within our available capacities. 

★In general

Upon departure we examine the room. If the rooms are very dirty or broken our items an additional fee can be charged:

Light out 11 p.m. 

Quiet hours are required between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m.

Tips for our quiet hours

We are not party hostel except event. However, we have many guests who are with family including small child or

who enjoy activities.

Those guests have energetic night or active morning especially busy season or weekends.

Bring earplug if you care about sounds.

★Shared area

Kitchen and dining room are open to all guests. After each use, please clean the dishes, working surface and wipe the dining table. 


It is prohibited to remove inventory from the rooms and shared areas.

Food can be stored in the refrigerator for guest in the kitchen.


Please write your name and date of departure on your stuff. All unmarked foods and foods with expired shelf life will be thrown away.


No smoking in the any building.

Stay and use

Please do not damage or remove items that are used for accommodation.

Do not change the layout of the rooms. 

The guest is liable for damages caused by guests fault or that of those for which the guests are responsible for and those who visit the room. 

For intentional damage or removal of items we will charge extra fee for the damage.

The Staff is authorized to implement the house rules and take measures on the premises of our guesthouse.


In the case of failure to comply with the house rules, staff can:

- temporary or permanently prohibit you from entering the premises,

- arrange the removal from the premises,

- confiscate your deposit,        

- demand the reimbursement for any damage and loss of income due to the damage done,

- call the police.For safety reasons it is prohibited to be 

Windows may only be used for the ventilation of the rooms.


It is also forbidden to shout/throw objects and waste through the windows.

We are not liable for any personal injury. 

Keep your valuables with you. We are not responsible for any theft, loss and/or damage of personal belongings.

​★Alcohol, Smoking, Prohibited substances and weapons  

Consumption of alcohol is permitted in the dining room.

It is prohibited to drink and store alcohol or food in the dormitory rooms. 

Possession and consumption of drugs or the possession and use of weapons is prohibited. The staff can seize such goods and inform the police.

Smoking is strictly forbidden throughout the property. If the fire alarm is triggered, the costs of the intervention are to be covered for by the perpetrator. 

Meet The Team

あるじ Tatsu


I'm your host,Tatsu.

I moved to Amakusa from Kobe,which is my home town, to open the hostel.

I love fihing, creating, process making something new.

Seaside and garden wood deck, small cozy hut that I made would be perfect for your nice stay.


Hope you enjoy! 

女将 Masako


 I am your host, Masako.

I have stayed at New Zealand for about 1 year and met lots of people who come from all over the world.That experience made me growing up and is the reason opened the hostel by own.

We hope every guests enjoy the wild nature and simple small life in Japanese country side and have memorable moment.

  天草西海岸Holiday Park風来望  

Discover Amakusa Est 2010



当日予約受付電話      0 969-42-3911 (受付時間 8:00-20:00)


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